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The Vision & Innovation club was founded in 2014 by a group of students within the National Polytechnic School in Algiers. It aims to help develop the soft skills needed by students in their professional lives and to widen their networks relations through various trainings and events that enrich the students' lives to the max. Through the years we’ve given various trainings in Communication, Public speaking, Job fair and a bundle of software such as MATLAB, AutoCAD, etc. Follow us on Facebook to know more!

The Algerian Engineering Competition :

The AEC is a national competition between different universities and engineering schools in Algeria, organized by the Vision & Innovation Club. Divided into sub-competitions, it aims to bring together teams of students to try to solve real given problems by industrial companies and experts.

December 12-13-15 2018

DarTech - Dounia Parc

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SenseFiction Ignite Engineer's Gala
Engineer's Gala

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National Polytechnic School. 10 Rue des Frères OUDEK, El-Harrach 16200


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